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Stephanie Hopkins is an accomplished author, a licensed Title Agent, and the proprietor of Blaque Wall Street Title LLC. Her expertise lies in Estate and Probate Services, and she is deeply committed to educating others about the importance of estate planning to safeguard generational wealth.

With a solid educational background, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, and holding a license as a Florida Claims Adjuster, Stephanie has amassed over two decades of experience across various sectors of the insurance industry.

Her diverse and comprehensive skill set is dedicated to enhancing the lives of her clients. She resides in the vibrant City of Tampa, FL, and is a single mother of three wonderful children.

Her journey as a mother, professional, and advocate for generational wealth preservation has profoundly influenced her perspective and dedication to assisting others in securing their financial legacies, to ensure they reverberate for generations to come.

Our Mission

To empower marginalized communities to build
intergenerational wealth through financial education
and estate planning.

Our Vision

A just world without racial wealth disparities.

Blaque Wall Street Title LLC: More Than Just a Name

People are often curious about the unique spelling of Blaque. Blaque is an English spelling of a girl’s name. Wall Street as we know it is the financial center of the world. Wall Street has metamorphosed over the past centuries, but one thing is undisputed, it has endurance; it has stood and continue to stead the test of time; having the ability to bounce back from any recession and still thrive. To simply put it, I am a woman who has endured a lot over the years but still I rise and thrive.

B-bold  L-legacy  A- aspirational  Q-quality  U-uncommon  E-exceptional


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