What is a personal representative?

A personal representative is a person or legal entity appointed by a judge to take charge of managing the probate estate of someone who has passed away. If the person who passed away left a will, it will specify who should be chosen as the personal representative.

Who can be a Personal Representative (PR)?

To be eligible to serve as a personal representative, an individual must either be a resident of Florida or be a close relative of the deceased person, such as a spouse, sibling, parent, or child, regardless of where they live.

Someone who is not a legal resident of Florida and is not closely related to the deceased person cannot be appointed as a personal representative.

People who are not eligible to be a PR include:

➡ Anyone who has been convicted of a serious crime.
➡ Someone who is mentally or physically unable to fulfill the responsibilities of a personal representative.
➡ Anyone who is under the age of 18.

Additionally, legal entities such as trust companies incorporated under Florida law, or a bank or savings and loan institution authorized to carry out fiduciary duties in Florida, can also serve as a personal representative.

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